Our Cosy Studio


Located in a detached building next to our family home, our boutique (another word for small) photography studio has been perfectly designed from the ground up to cater for children and their families.  We have all the facilities that you’d expect from a high street studio with the added bonus of a lovely friendly and relaxed feel, perfect for helping children (and parents) feel at ease.

The studio has a main shooting area with top of the range lighting equipment placed on boom arms.  This prevents small children from toppling over precarious stands and potentially hurting themselves, although it also means that we’re constantly cracking our own heads!

We have a comfortable sitting area that doubles as our viewing room with loads of artwork samples, as much tea, coffee and chilled water as you can drink.  The biscuit tin is normally full, unless the kids are on holiday then we might be able to muster up a rich tea, if you’re lucky!

“I’ve been obsessed with the visual arts for over 30 years & after graduating with a photography degree (yes really) I cut my teeth in London, shooting lots of book jackets, album artwork, magazine covers & ad campaigns for brands like Toblerone, Cobra beer, ITV & Channel 4.”

“My only extremely tenuous claim to fame is that I’m told I look a bit like Matt Bellamy the lead singer of Muse, although much more handsome (ok, I made the last bit up).” Read Andy’s full story…

“Well, I’m ginger, and that’s probably the first thing that people recognise me for!  My background is in healthcare as a specialist nurse plus I’m also trained in paediatric first aid, so I’ve met a lot of people in my career & hopefully helped a few along the way.”

“In need of a change, I left my career of 19 years & trained in the art of newborn baby posing, which I now practice with as much passion as I did in my former healthcare work.  My role is to safely pose the babies, chat with clients and ensure the smooth day to day running of our studio (the boss in other words).” Read Debbie’s full story…

A Special Mention…


The final member of our team is Bram, our 9 year old springer spaniel. Even though he isn’t allowed in the studio (he just smells too bad) he’s very much loved and can come in very handy when bribing younger children with a quick fuss after the shoot, although this isn’t compulsory!