Digital or Wall Art? A Guide To Your Investment

As you’d expect, we passionately believe that beautiful portraits deserve to be seen. We love designing and crafting bespoke pieces for our clients and would always encourage you to choose wall art over digital photos on a disk or USB stick, but this isn’t about us. Hopefully this post will help you make the right investment decision for your family.

1. Quality & Longevity
Most high street photo labs, and some professional ones for that matter, do an awful job of printing our work. Often the colours are wrong or there’s unpleasant banding (clunky pixilation in the tonal graduation). We’ve spent many months researching labs and working closely with our chosen supplier to calibrate our screens. As a result we can guarantee you perfect and consistent results. We’ve also experimented extensively with the raw ingredients that make up a gorgeous long lasting print so can be 100% confident that your investment will quite literally be enjoyed for a lifetime!

2. Real Value.
But digital photos are cheaper so offer me the best value, I can keep printing them forever! Maybe, but ask yourself how often do you actually sit at your computer/tablet and browse your photos? Also, how often do you really print your favourite photos? In comparison how often do you look at and enjoy the pictures hanging on your walls, whether photographs or paintings? The pictures on your walls probably represent better value in terms of long term pleasure as they become an intrinsic part of your everyday life. You’d spend many thousands on a sofa that lasts a decade so why not a few hundred on a beautiful and personal piece of art that you’ll enjoy forever.


“The two magnificent framed multi-apertures have been worth every penny – They look absolutely beautiful and everyone who sees them thinks they are amazing.” Ceri, google review


3. Get Your Moneys Worth
Professional photographers aren’t cheap and using our services require a significant investment in both time and money. That’s the honest truth. By investing in bespoke artwork you’re enjoying the best possible service from your chosen photographer and benefiting from their experience, knowledge and skill set. In fact you’ll also benefit from the craftsmanship and skill of our framer too. When it comes to designing framed artwork, especially multi aperture pieces, we have extensive experience simply in what ‘works’ and what doesn’t. We’ll carefully create realistic mock-up representations of how your finished piece will look in photoshop or suggest alterations as needed. Only when you are 100% certain will we ask you to commit.

4. Boost Your Children’s Self Esteem
Sound a little far fetched? Well not according to an article commissioned by Design Aglow magazine in America. The article suggests that by physically displaying your children’s portraits around the home it can help them understand their family history and where they fit into this, plus it reinforces the positive message that they are a very important, valued and a loved member of the family. An interesting read and certainly not a benefit you’d enjoy from a digital photograph hidden on your computers hard drive.

5. A Future Proof Your Investment
Technologies may become obsolete (such as VHS, Compact Disks, USB drives etc), hard drives may become infected or crash fatally losing valuable data but a beautifully framed fine art print will last forever.

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