Our Story

Our story began in the April of 1992… yep, we really are that old.

We were introduced to each other by a suitably inebriated friend at the Rushden Sixth form “Election Special” party. Held at the local rugby club, it was indeed a world class venue with a very high quality clientele.


I asked Deb what her favourite colour was (my chat-up skills had been seriously impaired by 5 years at an all boys school), I generously bought her a few Malibu and cokes, she walked me home and scribbled her number on the back of my hand with a Bic biro… the rest is 27 years of wonderfully colourful history together.

Remember guys, you really cannot buy class!


Want to read more… really!?

Then please read Andy’s full story here and Debbie’s full story here…

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