Family & Children

In this Instagram world of throw-away imagery, would you love some professional photography of your family that truly captures their unique personality and relationships?

Let us capture your children’s natural expression and true character… minus the forced grins!

Your family photoshoot will be perfectly designed around your specific needs and is suitable for up to 4 siblings of any age, including parents (grandparents by special arrangement). It will take between 1-2 hours and take place at our friendly studio here in rural Northamptonshire.


“Andy was great at making all 3 children feel welcome, relaxed and totally at ease to capture beautiful natural images!! Trying to get a 6 month old, 5 year old and 10 year old all to have a nice picture is a challenge but Andy made it look easy. We would highly recommend Andy for anyone looking for a family friendly, relaxed environment for a beautiful photoshoot.”

Kind words by Leonie

“Andy has a professional and clever approach to getting the best out of the somewhat difficult task of getting a child to smile naturally on demand. We were absolutely bowled over with the pictures we received, absolutely fantastic couldn’t recommend more!”

Proud dad Ady


“Amazing photographs of our precious little boy. Andy really captured his personality which is a fantastic keepsake for us, especially as he is growing up so quickly! The detail is astonishing; truly breathtaking.”

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For £50 you’ll enjoy a:

Relaxed 1-2 hour photoshoot at our cosy studio, with limited Saturday sessions
A convenient web gallery to choose your favourite photographs
A £50 discount off wall art or digital photographs

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What happens if my child throws a tantrum?
Don’t worry, we’ve got 2 kids of our own so have seen it all! We also do this professionally everyday so have become Jedi masters at dealing with most behaviour. From the super shy and cautious to the full on Tasmanian devil, we very very rarely fail to get a gorgeous selection portraits. We just ask you to be super patient and realistic.

What happens should my child be ill and I need to cancel?
You can cancel an appointment and receive a full refund of all monies paid up until 7 days before your reserved date/time. Should you need to postpone after this time due to illness, then we will simply offer you a new date based on both yours and our availability.

Photoshop, editing & retouching?
Subtle, restrained and professional retouching removes the non-permanent blemishes that would otherwise distract from your child’s natural features. Bogeys and snot are never a good look, especially when magnified in your feature piece above the fireplace! Whereas permanent features such as moles, birthmarks and fine hairs remain untouched.

Please read our article ‘Bogeys, Snot and Slobber’ for details on our ethical approach to editing.

Do you only photograph in black and white?
We’ll capture your images in colour then convert the majority of your portraits to black and white.  Most of our clients love the timeless simplicity of monochrome however we can supply colour versions if requested.

How should I prepare and what should I bring to my shoot?
Happy, relaxed, well fed and well rested children… oh plus bags of patience and a good sense of humour for yourself too!

Please read through our article ‘8 Tips For a Perfect Family Photoshoot’ for further reading…

What happens after my family photoshoot?
Shortly after your shoot we will download and edit the images captured down to the very best and create a password protected web gallery. Here you’ll get to choose your favourites and decide on how you’d like to present them. You are also very welcome back to the studio for a viewing session if preferred.

Please visit our Investment page for further details…