Characterful Children


Do your children instantly switch on a forced cheesy grin the moment you try to photograph them? Would you just love some gorgeous natural family photography that truly captures them as you see them day to day?

For us it’s not about forced grins, novelty props or fancy outfits… it’s all about the natural gorgeousness of your children!


“The photos are absolutely stunning. Worth every penny. They capture my boys personalities just perfectly. I now have something exceptionally special and precious hanging on my wall. Thank you guys” Google review by Sarah


£50 Photoshoot Fee

Our family photoshoots are perfectly designed for teasing out and capturing your children’s individual personalities and unique characters… no matter what age they are.

Suitable for babies over 2 weeks old and for families with up to 4 children of any age, your photoshoot will last between 1-2 hours and take place at our cosy studio here in rural Northamptonshire (Our Bedfordshire studio is also available on a limited number of dates).

Please Get in touch to discuss booking your photoshoot… or click here to view our current package prices

Helpful Tip! Try to book your children’s photoshoot as early as possible to avoid disappointment, especially if you’re hoping for a weekend booking, as we can get super busy at certain times of the year…

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