Pure Newborn


Sit back, have a cuppa, eat our biscuits and relax…
With Andy’s 20 year career as a professional photographer and Debbie’s 20 years experience as a nurse, including training in paediatric first aid, you can rest assured that your precious new bundle is in the very safest of hands.

Let us capture your newborn baby’s natural beauty with professional photography you’ll cherish forever… we promise to never use novelty props or outfits!

Your relaxed and enjoyable experience will take around 2-3 hours, with your baby’s safety and comfort being prioritised at all times. Your photoshoot will ideally take place before your baby is 2 weeks old although this can sometimes be extended if your baby arrives prematurely.


“Debbie handled Harry with such care and confidence that I happily sat with a lovely cup of tea and watched the photoshoot – I can’t recommend Andy and Debbie enough! Five Stars.”

Review by new mum & midwife Laura

“Andy and Debbie instantly make you feel at ease, they take wonderful care of your newborn baby and capture beautiful images which you’d never be able to get! A very special and personable experience, would recommend to everyone – worth every penny.”

Kind words by new mum Megan


“Andy and Debbie were warm, chatty and super professional, it was a pleasure to watch them work…The final photos were nothing short of stunning!”

Taken from 100+ reviews left on our social media

For £50 you’ll enjoy a:

Relaxed 2-3 hour photoshoot at our cosy studio with both Andy and Debbie
A convenient web gallery to choose your favourite photographs
A £50 discount off wall art or digital photographs

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When should I book my newborn photoshoot?
We’re a high quality, low volume studio with very limited sessions available, therefore we recommend you book early. Try to book your newborn photoshoot 2-3 months before your due date to avoid disappointment as we can get super busy at certain times of the year.

If your baby has already arrived then firstly a massive congratulations from us both…. we’ll certainly try our very hardest to fit you in!

What if my baby arrives early or late?
When you book with us, we’ll first pencil your due date in our diary and then speak again once your baby arrives. We allow for plenty of flexibility in our diary as babies rarely arrive on time… only about 4% actually!

What happens should I need to cancel my session?
You can cancel your provisional booking and receive a full refund of all monies paid at any time.

Photoshop, editing & retouching?
Subtle, restrained and professional retouching removes the non-permanent blemishes that would otherwise distract from your child’s natural features. Bogeys and snot are never a good look, especially when magnified in your feature piece above the fireplace! Whereas permanent features such as moles, birthmarks and fine hairs remain untouched.

Please read our article ‘Bogeys, Snot and Slobber’ for details on our ethical approach to editing.

Do you only photograph in black and white?
We’ll capture your images in colour then convert the majority of your portraits to black and white.  Most of our clients love the timeless simplicity of monochrome however we can supply colour versions if requested.

How should I prepare and what should I bring to my shoot?
Milk, milk and more milk… is by far the most important ingredient to a happy and successful newborn shoot.

Please read through our ‘How To Prepare Guide’ for much more detail…

What happens after my newborn photoshoot?

Shortly after your shoot we will download and edit the images captured down to the very best and create a password protected web gallery. Here you’ll get to choose your favourites and decide on how you’d like to present them.

Please visit our Investment page for further details…