Our Gallery Quality Frames

After professional retouching to remove unwanted blemishes, such as bogies or dry/flaky skin, your photographs are then expertly printed onto gorgeous fine art paper.

Made with 100% cotton rag, not only will you enjoy velvety blacks and creamy whites, it also exhibits incredible longevity due to the lack of optical brightening agents commonly found in cheaper papers.

Put into plain English, your artwork is going to last you donkeys years and become a much loved family heirloom.


Your print is then archive mounted beneath 2 sheets of precision cut acid free mount board, separating your delicate print from the glass allowing your portrait space to breath. The luxury of empty space.

Finally, your chosen frame moulding is made from 100% solid wood… no nasty plastics or cheap foam core here… and glazed with proper glass as standard, not easily scratched plexiglass that yellows with age. You’ll also have the option to upgrade to reflection free glass.

“The quality of the framed photo was incredible – a million times better than I had hoped. Nikki Deller. ”

Kind words by Nikki


Artwork shown above: XL 38×28 inch (96×71 cm)  £685

Single Portrait Gallery Frames

The timeless simplicity and high impact of a single framed portrait. Perfect for featuring your very favourite images in a prominent place… maybe above a fireplace or sofa?

XL 38×28 inch (96×71 cm)  £685
L 32×24 inch (81×61 cm)  £545
M 24×20 inch (61×50 cm)  £375
S 20×16 inch (50×40 cm)  £265

Choose from our simple and timeless range of solid wooden frame mouldings, something to suit any decor. Prices may vary depending on your choice of frame moulding.

*Special Offer*

Spend over £500 on bespoke artwork and receive 5 digital photographs, worth £250

Spend over £600 on bespoke artwork and receive 10 digital photographs, worth £400

(Orders must be placed and paid for in full within 14 days of your photoshoot to claim this offer)


Artwork shown above: 9 Aperture 34×34 inch (86×86 cm) £895

Multi Aperture Gallery Frames

Our top seller and for very good reason. Several of your favourite portraits in one frame and perfect for showing off your children’s real personalities… a real show stopper.

9 Aperture 34×34 inch (86×86 cm)  £895
6 Aperture 34×24 inch (86×61 cm)  £685
4 Aperture   24×24 inch (61×61 cm)  £565
3 Aperture  34×16 inch (86×40 cm)  £465

“I thought at first that it was a lot of money to spend on photos – how wrong I was!  I can honestly say that the two magnificent framed multi-apertures have been worth every penny.  They look absolutely beautiful and everyone who sees them thinks they are amazing. ”

Kind words by Ceri, proud nan!


Box Frames

Your chosen photographs are expertly printed onto professional photographic paper, sealed with a tough UV protective matt laminate and then framed in a solid wooden box frame.

LARGE 42×14 inch (107×36 cm) box frame £450
MEDIUM 24×16 inch (60×40 cm) box frame £340
SMALL 16×12 inch (40×30 cm) box frame £230

Our super stylish box frames, available in either a black or white finish, are a high quality and minimal alternative to the traditional canvas.

Digital Only Collections

Once fully retouched, we’ll then deliver your photographs as high resolution digital files, ideal for self-printing and other uses such as gifting those doting grandparents with prints, creating cards to say thanks for all those lovely gifts, updating the family album, enjoying them as digital screen savers plus boasting (or should we say sharing) on social media.

Collection of 20  I just can’t choose  £600 (Extras charged at £30 each)

Collection of 10  
Our most popular collection £400  (Extras charged at £40 each)

Collection of 5  I just want to cherry pick my favourites £250 (Extras charged at £50 each)


How do I pay for my order?
Once you’ve approved all final layouts we’ll then provide a detailed invoice and payment can then be made electronically or via debit/credit card.

When will my artwork be ready?
Your handcrafted artwork will be ready in around 4-6 weeks.

Can I have my artwork delivered?
Yes absolutely, our courier delivery service costs £15, regardless of the size of the framed piece. They are specialists in handling glass/fragile products so your gorgeous artwork will arrive in perfect condition!

Can I arrange to have my artwork installed in my home?
Your artwork will be incredibly simple to hang and very often only a hammer is all that’s required.

How do I care for my artwork?
Other than the occasional dust with a soft dry cloth (never use chemicals or abrasive cleaning agents) your artwork is designed to be care free. Please don’t hang your artwork above a heat source (such as a radiator) or in full direct sunlight as UV rays can cause long-term damage. If this isn’t practical then we can discuss specialist glazing that will filter UV and protect your investment.

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